This week I’m excited to present a post from the communication designer extraordinaire Alethea Tu’itahi from Cloud Executive Services. Here she is sharing some highly useful tips for how to get the most from your social media graphics. Whether you choose to design yourself or outsource, these tips will be sure to help you.

Do you get stuck creating social media graphics? Fluffing around not knowing what to do, how to make them look ah-mazing? I know as a designer I see my clients struggle to create beautiful and engaging images and I wanted to share my secret.

It all comes down to the four C’s.


So let’s explore them a little bit more!

No. 1: Clean

Start with a simple clean quote that is easy to understand and speaks directly to your target market. Try and use words that everyone knows (ie nothing too technical). Usually when you are talking to people or coaching someone you will come up with an awesome one without even trying. Pay attention to what you say – it’s probably fantastic and is always better to use your own voice.  Also keep it short and sweet when possible.

No. 2: Colour

Choose colours (and fonts) that are congruent to your brand.  Nothing is worse when a happy hippy free spirit coach has black and grey social media images.  It just doesn’t feel right! Which also leads my to my next C.

No. 3: Contrast

Our eyes like contrast – be sure to include it in your design so it’s easier for your tribe to concentrate on your message and nothing else. You want the message to pop out from the background so it’s all about the font and colour when you design it.

No. 4 Consistency:

This one is SUPER important. Always ensure that your quotes are consistently themed and branded so they are recognisable at a glance.  Use the same fonts, colours, layouts and style to ensure that your community KNOW it’s your stuff in the sea of everything else around them.

Now I know I said I had 5 tips, and so here is my last tip…Repurpose!

No. 5: Repurpose

You have spent a lot of time creating these gorgeous images so you just don’t want to use them once, I have come up with 10 ways which you can use them:

  • Instagram posts
  • Facebook posts
  • Tweets on Twitter
  • Pinterest with links back to your site.
  • Feature images on your blogs
  • Transition Screens on your Youtube videos
  • Printed cards to hand out at events
  • Chapter breaks in your eBooks – a nice pop of inspiration and motivation!
  • SMS the image to your VIP mentoring clients – another pop of inspiration direct into their hands.
  • Schedule to share again! 90 days later, new people have entered your world that missed your image the first time.

I hope these 5 tips help you when you are creating your next set of graphics.

About Alethea

14483772_10154609112777577_515145577_nI’m Alethea, your Communication Designer.

Design lover, coffee drinker, entrepreneur.

I design amazing graphics, eBooks, PDF’s, Leadpages + design & create social media content, sales funnels + more for my clients.

I know not everyone in business has the budget for custom social media graphics, so I love sharing my best tips with you.

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