Has it been awhile since you emailed your list?

Maybe you ended last year a little bit burnt out and are struggling to get back into the game.

Maybe yYou just haven’t emailed for a long time because life just got in the way and the months just kept slipping by and then it just felt too hard to get started.

Maybe you have never really emailed but you have people on your list who somehow have appeared by filling in details in your footer form.

Or maybe you have been emailing regularly but things are feeling a little bit stagnant and you want to bring life back to your email list again.

Inside this episode I’m sharing 4 key steps which will have you not only emailing again but also getting opens, replies and clicks. Plus doing it in a way where at the same time you are building in a new lead magnet and welcome series process!

If you want more support with this process, make sure to join List Revival starting February. This is where you’ll get 4 weeks of live support to get your email list pumping again.

Join us at yaelkeon.com/revival

Or you can join the free 2023 Email Content Planning Workshop happening Thursday 2nd. Register at yaelkeon.com/content.


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