Your welcome series is one of the most essential (if not THE most essential) parts of your email marketing setup.

These emails are sent when your new subscriber is actively interested and looking for a solution so it’s your responsibility to show up and help them make an informed decision. In other words, how to get them to convert.

Inside this episode, I break down what should go into your welcome series if you want to ensure it converts and creates the best first impression. I break down:

  • How many emails should you be sending
  • E-commerce vs service or digital product businesses
  • Why how they signed up matters
  • Why you need to focus on a single CTA
  • Top tips that take your welcome emails from basic to binge-worthy

And of course, I give you a tonne of ideas of what emails you can include.

This is your go to listen if you need inspiration to write (or rewrite) your welcome.


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