Branding and email marketing – not something too many people think go together. But once you get an understanding of what branding really is, you can see just how much it matters in every area of your business.

To help dive into the juicy topic, I’ve brought on an amazing guest expert – brand stylist and mentor, Rachel Reiter.

Rachel works closely with flourishing online entrepreneurs to create heartfelt brand personalities that align with their purpose led vision through her one on one services at Hopscotch Branding Studio. She is also founder of her signature brand foundation and strategy program, Brand Alchemy and monthly membership, The Branding Hub, which guides and supports passionate women in business to cultivate an authentic, intentional brand.

In todays episode we talk about: 

  • What branding has to do with email marketing (beyond a logo just sitting at the top).
  • Rachels 6 step process for branding success including how all vision, values and target market all influence how you can truly connect with subscribers
  • How providing contrast and being different to the trends is actually what helps you stand out online.

This episode is packed with valuable tips. But more importantly it includes permission to be yourself which I think is the most important thing.

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