Welcome back to Easy Email Marketing, I’m your host Yael Keon and today we are talking about that inner voice that can often stop you from actually sending those emails.


If you are listening to this when the episode is released – we are right at the beginning of 2022 and often I find this is when everyone is super eager with their business planning and saying “this year I will focus on email marketing”.

Then what happens?

That little voice crops up in your head.

Fear, doubt, wondering if your emails are good enough.

And then you don’t hit send.

So today I am going to combat that one head first. Because often when it comes to goals and goal setting, it’s actually a really helpful exercise to pre-emptively ask yourself “what will get in the way” and have a plan of attack for those circumstances.

This is about creating awareness of these common thoughts – yes everyone has them, even me – and moving through them.


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Right, getting back to “what will they think”….or other variations, “what if they think I’m annoying” or “what if they unsubscribe”. You know what I’m talking about.


Personally, I think it’s because email is a more personal marketing medium than any other.

At the end of the day though, people give your their email address because they want to hear from you. Not sending them emails is doing them a disservice.


Tune in to find out how we can combat this together, and start sending emails today!


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I’ll see you in the next episode.


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