This week’s episode is as special one as it is my first ever guest interview. And today we start with someone pretty amazing – Elizabeth McKenzie.

Elizabeth McKenzie is a copywriting expert and founder of Copywriting Agency Write or Die, and mastermind Copy Boss. With 10 years of experience under her belt, she’s helped clients increase their revenue by 300%, pull off quarter-million-dollar launches, and scale by selling their first business franchise. She’s even encouraged others to start their own copywriting business, helping them to carve out a lucrative career in a fraction of the time. Elizabeth also played the violin at Hugh Jackman’s wedding. She’s practically Wolverine royalty.

She also is my copywriter, having written my new evergreen funnel. Which let me just say are amazing. So when it came to copy she was my first port of call.


Inside today’s episode we talk about:

  • Why everyone is a writer and your voice is not lost and how to use it instead
  • How to get into the habit of writing emails even if you are feeling shy, introverted or have nothing to say
  • How email copy differs from web copy
  • Elizabeth’s top tips for writing better emails
  • And why consistency is more important than quality

This episode is full of truth bombs and rants – plenty to get you motivated and actually sending those emails! So if you need a pep talk this episode is for you.


Connect with Elizabeth – or


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  • Know exactly what to write for your About Page. No more copy that attracts the wrong leads or repels your dream clients.
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