Let’s take a little step back and look at the big picture of email marketing and how to get started.

Even if you do have some of your email marketing setup please don’t disregard this episode, as you may find you have missed a crucial step. Or perhaps you’ve done the first 5 but are missing out on the true potential of email marketing by stopping where you have.

Email marketing is definitely one of those things that you can be working on forever. It is never done. There are always new layers you can add in.

This is why it can be incredibly overwhelming – all those shiny objects.

But the shiny objects are no good if you don’t have the foundations right. This is where the 8 steps come in.

From brainstorming ideas to setting up your software to create a welcome experience to automation, you’ll know exactly what you need to do.

These 8 steps are pulled directly from my new FREE course Get Started with Email Marketing. Think of this episode as the outline but the free course goes into each of those so much deeper.

If you want to know more make sure to register at yaelkeon.com/start.

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